Shawty’s thighs were so thick and rich in dark chocolate, ass so fat in that Victoria’s secret underwear, breasts perked and deliciously plump in size, body covered in small tattoo’s and sweet fragrances of island mist. 

Standing by her bedroom door, the aroma of sweet kush and her islandy scent and I licked my lips, eyes admiring her delicious curves. Thick and sweet in all the right areas, small and pleasantly curvy in the greatest places; baby was a real thick dime. And there was nothing better than a fat ass riding my dick after a long day in the studio. 

Her body was pressed in the sheets, legs spread in a tight V in the air, fingers dotting the deep curve in her sides. She arched her back slowly, eyes pouring into mines with hot desire that I felt myself harden from it. She slowly positioned herself in another pleasing arch, now lying on her front with her ass high in the air. Approaching the bed, I traced the Kanji rising from the tip of her shoulder to the middle of her arm, ears enjoying the purr of desire bubbling from her plump pink lips. With my other hand, I smoothly ran my palm against her thick ass, dick straining against the smooth fabric of my boxers from the feel of her skin. 

Climbing on the bed, she still lied in a low doggy style position, rolling her body in such a hypnotizing and sexual curl that I moaned from the sight, hands hungry to rub every naked skin bouncing in front of me. As she bounced a little faster, her ass jiggled deliciously against my crouch, eyes hunting me down with such ferocity that I wanted to fuck her right then and there. To strip her of what she had left and dick her down till a little tear of intense pleasure slipped from her. To pound her so deep that her stomach felt every gentle stroke, every rough clashing, every smooth hand smack; I wanted her to fill everything. 

Gripping her gyrating flesh, she moaned against the touch, back arched to that deep hill she created before. Lowering myself to the small dimples pressing against her lower back, I kissed every ounce of chocolate skin of her ass, nibbling and deeply massaging with my tongue till she squirmed beautifully underneath me, hands softly rubbing against my tight jawline. Roughly turning her on her back, a sultry smile kissed her plump cheeks, eyes watching every move that I made. Sliding through her thick thighs, I groaned so deeply at the friction of her warm shell kissing my harden dick, hands wanting to remove my boxers so badly to release the aching erection. Her lips caught my tongue in a gentle kiss, tongue gracefully sucking mines like a luscious lollipop, fingers softly caressing my scalp as we deepened with each head turn. The feeling was so damn good. 

Her hands moved deeper, little fingers grasping the aching anaconda pulsing in my boxers. If she stroked and nudged it once more, I was guaranteed to bust hardly in the fabric. Snaking her hands around my waist, she kissed my stern jaw, tongue every so softly licking my hot flesh. Her tongue curled to the side of my face, softly and slowly tracing the ‘Self’ nicely tatted on my right side, hand skimming past the tattoo under it. Her hips flexed in an upward motion underneath me, wet pussy grinding teasingly against my dick. Groaning into the crook of her neck, I pulled her with me as I relaxed on my back in the sheets, dick pleading to be released from its tight hold. 

Knowing that it’ll drive me insane, she rubbed herself so softly against my dick that I groaned loudly, hands trembling as she rubbed a little deeper and faster. I felt the pulsing tip of my dick throbbing so bad, and the urge to cum was such a delicious thought, but she wouldn’t let me. With every rise was a teasing moan. With every teasing moan was a stall, and she sat on me, lips kissing mines shortly and sweetly. Standing to her feet, the image of wet spot pooled in the center of her underwear and I licked my lips, hands gripping her ass to pull her even closer. Even down there, she smelled sweeter than cinnamon and probably tasted of a sweeter dessert. 

As she rolled her hips in my face, my tongue craved for her chocolate lump of sugar and I licked the sweet spot forming on her panties, ears perking as a moan of deep pleasure slipped from her. Nibbling and sucking the spot a little harder, a faint taste of strawberries brewed in my mouth and I was hungry for more. She dropped, picked it up slow and grinded against my face, hands running through the curls on my head, thighs devouring my face into her pussy for a deeper lick. Moving her panties to the side, I sighed as the warm aroma of it welcomed me in, tongue sucking her throbbing clit. She moaned so loudly, I bet the neighbors could hear but I hadn’t care. She thrusted her pelvis softly onto my face, fingers pressing against my shoulder while her moans colored the room in all bright colors of arousal. 

"Yes August."

I could hear her breath and I smiled against her warm lips. As she grinded faster, I added a long finger to the tongue assault, feeling her insides wither and tighten around my finger. As she bounced more on my face, the deeper my finger pooled into her and she sighed in intense pleasure. I could feel her walls tighten deliciously around my finger and before she could release, I pulled my finger from within her, watching her throbbing thighs wobble from the withdrawal. She kept a firm grip on my shoulder, but I could feel her chocolate eyes pore through my skull. I knew she wanted to cum, but not just yet. The wrath of the pulsing anaconda wanted to play to, and he craved for her tight pussy taking him all in. 

Ripping her panties from her skin, she dropped to her knees, hands gripping the end of my shirt to pull over my head. As she helped me unzip my pants and slowly slipped my boxers off, my dick sprang to life, hint of pre-cum coating the end. Her fingers gently pressed against the head, teeth catching her plump lips in a tight hold. Her warm mouth sucked my length till I felt her nose rub against the lower part of my stomach, and I groaned wildly, holding her head in place as I thrusted forward into her mouth. Her head jerked along with me and I was amazed at her gag reflex, for she shook me even deeper while gripping my hips. After a minute of that, she rose to the surface, lips smeared in slight saliva and a dribble of my pre-cum. 

Setting herself on me, her tightness had a niggas toes curling, dick perfectly sheltered in her tight walls, body writhering and awaiting that sweet bliss at the end of this all. Her palms rested against my chest, plump breasts flopping with every move and roll her body made on my shaft. 

"Yes baby," she sighed, head leaned back in ultimate pleasure. 

With each moan, I thrusted into her as she rode me, dick loving every ounce of her dripping tight nectar. As she bounced faster, I gripped her arms and locked them behind her back, pooling her down to have her face lying in the crook of my neck. The lock was tight, so tight that I felt her trying to move against me, but she struggled with a strain moan. As her hips clashed down on my shaft, I increased my strokes to deep and rushed ones, the sound of our bodies clapping against each other ringing like a beautiful melody in the bedroom. She murmured things into my neck, and I sighed at the vibration, deliciously ramming her a little sweeter and harder till she was pleading against my skin. With a couple more thrusts, I felt the sweet bliss bubble through me and I gripped her wrists roughly as I spurted myself within her walls, the sound of her cumming with me too like ecstasy to my ears. 

With our exhausted bodies, a giggle of pleasure slipped from her lips, hands still in the tight lock I had it in. Nothing was better than a thick ma with a pussy so tight and delicious. 

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